Rector of Gaziantep University (GAÜN) Dr. Ali Gür explained that the drug imported from abroad for the use of patients in the treatment of COVID19 can be developed and introduced to the market with a trial initiated by Gaziantep University with the partnership of Farmagen GCP Center and Novagenix Bioanalytical Drug R&D Center. Rector Professor emphasized that the clinical trial of this drug’s bioequivalence study will be performed by Farmagen, one of the GAÜN Technopark companies. Dr. Ali Gür later shared the following information: “The active ingredient in this drug is now being used effectively in the treatment of Covid-19 disease, which has been declared as a pandemic by our Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization. Our studies on Bioavailability and Bioequivalence, with the approval of the Ministry of Health, Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, the leading of Project Resposible GAÜN Faculty Member. Prof. Dr. Muradiye Nacak and Project Manager Prof. Dr. Aydın Erenmişoğlu, with a large project team, started the trail with taking all special protective measures. Gaziantep University Technopark has made us proud as the solution partner of the Domestic Pharmaceutical Industry in this critical period and continues its activities at full speed during these critical epidemic days.”

Rector of Gaziantep University Dr. Ali Gür, in his statement that there are a few other drugs that are used in the treatment of COVID-19 and whose legal authorization processes are underway to conduct bioequivalence studies for national production in our country, and that these processes will be shared with the public as they are completed, said, “This will contribute to the domestic pharmaceutical industry and the national economy in critical epidemic days. We would like to thank firstly our Technopark firm, our technicians, our partner stakeholders and everyone who contributed to this trial.”