What is Clinical Research

Clinical research is a scientific research conducted with volunteers, aimed at clarifying a pre-determined, unknown answer to a particular health problem. Carefully planned clinical trials are the safest and fastest methods to develop new treatment methods against human diseases.

Clinical research takes several types. Examples of these are:

a) Practices for protection from a particular disease (eg vaccination studies)

b) Studies to investigate new treatment methods or to find a more effective use of a known treatment method (for example, to investigate a new antibiotic or cancer drug. Whether a drug used twice a day will cause the same effect with less side effects or not is a clinic. research subject)

c) Development of new diagnostic methods

d) Studies to improve the quality of life in people with serious illness Clinical research is carried out according to a plan called the ‘study protocol’. In the study protocol, the names and times of which patients can participate in the study, diagnostic tests and other procedures, medications and doses to be used, duration of treatment and measurable goals of the research are written. Every volunteer participating in the study is informed about the rules of work, and written approval is always obtained.

Why Clinical Research is Done?

Most of the clink studies are done to show whether the use of a new drug or medical tool is effective and safe in humans. In these studies, the new treatment method is compared with the existing methods. The current treatment method of a disease is called ‘standard treatment’. Clinical trials can sometimes investigate the use of standard therapy in different ways. In this way, it is investigated whether the standard treatment method will be more effective, easier to apply or less side effects. Clinical research can also be done to find answers to the question of how the treatment method can be used most effectively on different groups of people.

In all clinical studies, physicians and other healthcare professionals continue their research in accordance with the strict rules determined by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey in accordance with international standards. These rules are determined to ensure the safety of the volunteers participating in the study, and the progress of the clinical study is constantly monitored during and after the study in terms of effectiveness and safety.

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